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"I fought to protect the Constitution of The United States and when rogue government actors abuse their powers to do harm, they must answer for their unpatriotic actions." - Dean Forest, Veteran

"We must do more to support law enforcement--the first step should be ending qualified immunity so that good officers can do their jobs and those who abuse their power can be held responsible." - Justin Nail, Engineer

“Made to protect good cops from the consequences of split-second life-or-death decisions, police unions now weaponize QI to protect the worst of the force in the courtroom.” - Korbin Kiblinger, Marketing

"When you and I act in bad faith, we’re held accountable for our actions. On the other hand, when law enforcement and government officials do, they can claim qualified immunity." - Jacob Deaven, Attorney

"As a retired police sergeant I have seen how qualified immunity has been used to shield police misconduct." - Karl Tennenbaum, Retired Police Sergeant

Contact Your Legislator

In the absence of action by the U.S. Supreme Court or Congress to end qualified immunity, your state can take action to protect people from abuse by government officials. You can call your state lawmaker and ask them to end qualified immunity.

We offer the “Protecting Everyone’s Constitutional Rights Act” (PECRA) – model state legislation that restores constitutional accountability.  It guarantees that if citizens must follow the law, governments must follow the Constitution.

Click here to read our one-pager on PECRA.

You can find your legislators’ contact information by clicking on your state legislature’s website below and navigating to the form that asks to find your representatives.  When you call or email, you can simply say that you are a constituent and you are asking your representatives to end qualified immunity in your state.

The following list links to each state’s legislative website.

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We can send you informational materials, sign-up forms to join AAQI, stickers, postcards to mail lawmakers, and other handouts for you to distribute in your community to help us raise awareness about the need to end qualified immunity.

E-mail us at aaqi@ij.org and we will respond to ask you what materials you need and for your mailing address.

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