Americans Against Qualified Immunity is a grassroots initiative of the Institute for Justice’s Project on Immunity and Accountability, devoted to a simple idea:  If we the people must follow the law, our government must follow the Constitution.

The Institute for Justice is a national public interest, civil liberties law firm, dedicated to instilling accountability in government officials and vindicating the rights of all Americans.

A web of legal doctrines effectively places government workers above the law by making it nearly impossible for individuals to hold them accountable for violations of constitutional rights. Outside of narrow exceptions, these doctrines give all those employed by the government—police, mayors, school officials, IRS agents, you name it—immunity from lawsuits, even if they act in bad faith.

Since the only way to enforce the Constitution is through courts, these doctrines make the Constitution an empty promise by firmly shutting the courthouse doors. But the Constitution is a promise meant to be kept. Those who take an oath to uphold it should be required to keep it. If they don’t, they should be held accountable for their actions.

To that end, IJ is dedicated to knocking down barriers to the enforcement of our nation’s most fundamental law.

We do this through litigation, public education, legislative advocacy, and grassroots activism.

For more information on IJ’s Project on Immunity and Accountability, click here.

To contact AAQI, send an email to info@aaqi.org.

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