Americans Against Qualified Immunity

AAQI is the Institute for Justice’s grassroots effort to eliminate qualified immunity once and for all. We are Americans from all walks of life working to ensure that if citizens must follow the law, government workers must follow the Constitution.

What is Qualified Immunity?

Frequently asked questions about qualified immunity.

What We're Doing

Find out what we're going to end qualified immunity.

What You Can Do

Find out what you can do to help end qualified immunity.

Qualified Immunity: Explained

What is qualified immunity? How does it work? Do police officers need qualified immunity to protect their split-second decisions? Here are some facts on the controversial judicial doctrine that lets government officials escape lawsuits when they violate constitutional rights.

QI By The Numbers

Americans Against Qualified Immunity

Americans across the country oppose immunity for government officials. Add you name to the list below.

Lawsuits Challenging QI

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Are you an American Against Quilified Immunity?

Add your name to the growing list of Americans who believe that government officials must be able to be held accountable when they violate our rights.