Americans Against Qualified Immunity

Hold Government Officials Accountable.

We are Americans from all walks of life working to ensure that if we must follow the law, then government workers must follow the Constitution.

Norman Cooper—a proud father—was tased nine times by officers while handcuffed. Norman's last words were, "thank you, Jesus."

Shaniz West gave police officers permission to enter her house; they chose to bombard it with gas grenades, destroying her home and leaving her with the bill.

David Collie was shot in the back by officers who mistook him for a man ten years younger and a half of a foot taller. He is permanently paralyzed and the officers have faced no discipline.

José Oliva survived the bloodiest year in Vietnam, fighting for our country, but he most feared for his life when he was brutally beaten in an unprovoked attack by federal officers in a Texas Veterans Affairs hospital.

Alexander Baxter was sitting on the ground with his hands in the air when officers released a canine to attack him.

Qualified Immunity:

A legal doctrine that shields government officials from accountability when they violate your constitutional rights.

Because of Qualified Immunity (QI), the government officials who abused these Americans' rights were shielded from the consequences of their actions, and the victims were denied the chance to a fair trial. These are only a few of many examples. QI fuels the tragic misconduct that has led to many more unjustifiable abuses and deaths.  

This is wrong. The Constitution is not an empty promise.

Sign your name below to demand a change. 

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Join the growing list of Americans who believe that government officials must be able to be held accountable when they violate our rights.

What is Qualified Immunity?

Frequently asked questions about qualified immunity.

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What You Can Do

Find out what you can do to help end qualified immunity.

Qualified Immunity: Explained

What is qualified immunity? How does it work? Do police officers need qualified immunity to protect their split-second decisions? Here are some facts on the controversial judicial doctrine that lets government officials escape lawsuits when they violate constitutional rights.

AAQI is a growing group of Americans from all walks of life who understand that no one is above the law, including government officials, and agree that it is time to end qualified immunity. Here are just some of their voices, representing people from different professions, perspectives, and faiths. Ending qualified immunity should not be a partisan issue – it should be an American issue. Add your voice to the growing list by clicking here.

yitz photo

Yitz Greenberg, Rabbi

Brooklyn, NY

"I oppose qualified immunity which has lent itself to enable abusive police officers to escape accountability."

Dean Forest #2

Dean Forrest, Veteran


"I fought to protect the Constitution of The United States and when rogue government actors abuse their powers to do harm, they must answer for their unpatriotic actions."

Jenn Sanders 2

Jenn Sanders, Mother

Chattanooga, TN

" We must be able to hold government officials accountable when they violate the rights of Americans protected in the Constitution."

Jack Brown

Jack Brown, Lawyer


"Qualified immunity allows abusive government officials to prey upon people with impunity and, to add insult to injury, is unsupported by the text of the United States Constitution."

Dr. Nicole Foster

Dr. Nicole Foster, Reverend

Dallas, Texas

"In the Christian faith, we look to Jesus Christ as the perfect example of the command to love our neighbors as ourselves. This basic tenet of our faith applies to all of us, including the Creator of the universe and those put in power to govern and protect us."

Jason Jones

Jason Jones, Finance

Phoenix, AZ

"Qualified immunity, quite simply, allows police officers to live above the law."

Brian Rose

Bryan Rose, Former Police Officer

Irving, Texas

"The individual police officer is almost never held personally liable. Instead, the department or local government pays the victims of proven police misconduct.”

Re. Terrance McKinley

Terrance McKinley, Reverend

Washington, D.C.

"Qualified immunity does away with the rights of victims. It is immoral, unjust and unethical and it needs to come to an end."

Rabbi Polsky 1

Rabbi David Polsky, Teacher

Detroit, MI

"No one should be allowed to murder others without cause and without justice."

Sarah Fawson

Sarah Fawson, Marketing


"A justice system without accountability is not just."

Renee Delgado-Riley

Dr. Renee Delgado-Riley, Higher Education

Eugene, Oregon

"Qualified immunity severely limits accountability for police officers and government officials."

Juan Lozano

Juan Lozano, Attorney


"Qualified immunity allows a public official to operate with the belief that for the most part, they are permitted to function knowing that the legal system views them as close to infallible and won’t hold them accountable for bad acts."

Justin Nail

Justin Nail, Engineer


"We must do more to support law enforcement--the first step should be ending qualified immunity so that good officers can do their jobs and those who abuse their power can be held responsible."

Stephen Kent 1

Stephen Kent, Author

North Carolina

"Serving the public is an honorable act rooted in trust. That trust can only shrink when public servants such as police officers are not held to the same standards of conduct, decency, and accountability under the law as the people they serve."

Kimmy Lueders

Kimmy Lueders, Mother


"Ending qualified immunity is a common-sense, first step approach to begin repairing and reversing damage that power hungry entities have wreaked on some of the most vulnerable among us. This is why I’m proudly an American and a Texan against qualified immunity. "

Jacob Deaven

Jacob Deaven, Attorney


"When you and I act in bad faith, we’re held accountable for our actions. On the other hand, when law enforcement and government officials do, they can claim qualified immunity. "

Carlos Alfaro

Carlos Alfaro, Small Business Owner


"The rights guaranteed by our Constitution depend on the government being accountable to the people that they serve. Just like all of us, the people who work in law enforcement must be accountable for their actions."

Andrew Clark

Andrew Clark, Education


“We ask so much of our law enforcement—letting the bad actors  in their ranks off the hook when they break the law only places further burdens on the backs of the best in the force. End qualified immunity and let the good cops continue to do their job with pride.”

Javier Gonzales

Javier Gonzales, Development

Santa Fe, NM

"As Mayor of Santa Fe, I met some of the finest people who put on a badge everyday and put their lives on the line to protect our citizens. I also know that far to often the wrong people put on that same badge and violate the rights of citizens and as a result harm the reputations of those who serve and protect with honor. "

William Jones

William Jones, Business Development Manager


"Serving in the U.S. military has shown me the importance of protecting the public from all threats, foreign and domestic. Sometimes those threats come from those sworn to protect us, and when that sacred oath is broken, we can't continue to shield those who choose to abuse their powers from the responsibility of their actions."

Nora Hurab

Nora Hurab, Education

Oakland, CA

"Ending qualified immunity is the first step in holding officers accountable to unjust policing. We must demand an end to this harmful policy."

Korbin Kiblinger

Korbin Kiblinger, Digital Marketing


“Made to protect good cops from the consequences of split-second life-or-death decisions, police unions now weaponize QI to protect the worst of the force in the courtroom.”

Burly Cain

Burly Cain, Americans for Prosperity

Albuquerque, NM

"Qualified Immunity allowed judges to fabricate a system where government entities and actors exist above the rule of law.  Removing qualified immunity restores the rule of law for all."