End Qualified Immunity in New York

Its time for change.

In New York, the government officials who abuse Americans' rights are shielded from the consequences of their actions. QI fuels the tragic misconduct that has led to many more unjustifiable abuses and deaths. This is wrong.

Senate Bill 182/Assembly Bill 710 will change that. If enacted, this bill will allow people to vindicate their rights when they have been abused by those meant to protect them.

But change does not happen in a vacuum. It requires people like you to let your representatives know that the Constitution is not an empty promise. Many New Yorkers are already members of our grassroots coalition Americans Against Qualified Immunity (AAQI). Join us and help restore fairness and accountability to the Empire State.

We are the Institute for Justice, a non-profit that works with both states and municipalities to create a pathway for victims of government abuse to sue the responsible officials and get their day in court.

What is Qualified Immunity?

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