Write to the Akron City Council

It's important to let lawmakers know that the people of Akron want to end qualified immunity. Follow the link below to send the Akron City Council indicating your support for qualified immunity reform.

Government officials who intentionally violate the Constitutional rights of Americans must be held accountable.

Unfortunately, a judge-made legal doctrine known as qualified immunity often makes this impossible. Because of qualified immunity, it is extremely difficult to sue any government employee even if they intentionally violate your rights. This is wrong. We need your help to change it!

It's time for change!

In Ohio, counties, cities, townships, and villages have the freedom to limit qualified immunity for government employees if they choose. The Institute for Justice works with both states and municipalities to create a pathway for victims of government abuse to sue the responsible officials and get their day in court.

Reforms like this mean victims will have the ability to vindicate their rights in court.

But change does not happen in a vacuum. It requires people like you to let your local representatives know that the Constitution is not an empty promise. Many Ohioans are already members of our grassroots coalition Americans Against Qualified Immunity (AAQI). Join us and help restore fairness and accountability to the Buckeye State.

Ohioans Are Affected by Qualified Immunity


William Fambrough, East Cleveland

In 2021, William used his van to campaign for a challenger to the incumbent mayor of East Cleveland. In response, the city government intimidated William by repeatedly showing up to his home, citing him, fining him, and towing his van, which was damaged so badly in the process that it could not be used to campaign.